Bank installment credits vs. short term loans from social perspective

Research has been made by to find out what kind of people need these products. The results are somewhat shocking an unexpected.

Who need short term loans?

The one who need money quickly. It seems that poor people look for this kind of loans. People who work but not earn to much. It is true. They need additional money every month.

You may be surprised but there are people who earn a lot of money each month and they also need chwilówki. They earn a lot but they spend a lot, they have a lot of bank loans, so they have installments every month.

They wear clothes form Prada and they drive Porches and Jaguars and they don’t have a penny in their pocket. They got caught in credit spiral and they don’t know how to escape form this credit spiral.

These people earn $20 000 per month but their debt is $800 000.

Pool people need sometimes $100 and this earning and spending a lot need $1000 or $5000 for credit payments.

Short-term loan (in Polish: chwilówki) is also useful for people who earn to less for a bank credit or for people who have severe financial problems or have bad bank history.

Differences between bank credit and short term loan. amount of money

  • Bank credit: bigger amount of money
  • Short term loan: smaller amounts


  • Bank credit (installment credit): number of payments payed each month (not alwas: revfolving credit can be different)
  • Short term loan: payed at once

How to get

  • Bank credit: Bank calculates risks very carefully, you have to have: good bank history, fixed income, a mortgage. It may take some time to get a bank credit
  • Short term loan: only ID card or driving license. You can get It quickly

Our spokesman said that their area of expertise are short term internet loans where you need only ID card.

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