My trip to EU: 1-Poland

I am interested in European Union Business Entertainment and Education specially in post communist countries. My last trip to Poland.

It was raining but I met a lot of interesting people and I have seen a lot of small business which are doing very well.

1. Technical branch

An example of Technological Business in IT branch They deal with SEO and Software engineering and huge services in Typo3.

2. Photography

Artistic Photography and photo books. They make wonderful on world level. Also they deal with creative works in field of digital photography. Poles like to sit, have some coffee and talk about photos. Owner of this company told me this. They like Photo books a lot.
An Example of Photobooks made by this company:

Photobooks are more and more polular in even in Poland:
Clasical Photoalbums are replaced by photobooks.

3. Education

Mathematics was always at high level in post communist countries.

I didn’t expect that they use modern educational software and games a lot

Education is at high level and you can study for master or doctoral degree for free.

4. Public well care and medicine

Public well care isnt too much develped and there are several problems They have to wait ever few months for a specialist or a special treatment, but private ones are at highest service and technology level: So there is lot of difference between public and private well care.

Visting Poland, I suffered from backbone issues. To my supprise Yumehiho massage is well known there.

I have even learned two polish phreses
rehabilitacja opole and kręgarz opole because they were able to ease my stron back bone pain.

5. People

People there are rather kind but polish language is very hard to understand. This language has a lot of conjugations and declinations.

6. Cuisine

They eat rather fat and not so healthy dishes, a lot of noodles, dumplings, potatoes and too less fishes and vegetables. They eat to much fast foods.

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